Naidu Holdings Ltd is a self-established company founded in 2003 by Kam Naidu. Naidu Holdings Ltd specializes in the movement of containerized cargo, both import and export in the wider Auckland metro region. Confidence in the trucking and freight industry stems from both experience and knowledge earned by managing a successful transport company in Auckland over a more than ten year period. Kam Naidu's has 20 years experience in Fiji and 15 years experience in New Zealand. Over 35 years of experience Kam Developed and concise understanding of port operations and the New Zealand freight industry at large. The team at Naidu Holdings Ltd Trucking are well equipped to deliver on the promise of ‘customer satisfaction guaranteed’.
Our commitment is to ‘hands-on’ management in facilitating rapid response and decision making. We operate our trucks on a 24 hours rotation, ensuring that freight entrusted to our service is assured of the highest level of customer service and prompt delivery, 24/7.

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